We're on a mission to fight exploitation of girls and women through education and technology.

Project Girl Code is a non-profit organisation teaching digital literacy and IT training to girls and young women who are vulnerable to trafficking, slavery and forced marriage.

We believe with access to education, digital literacy skills and the web, a girl's potential is limitless. With the right knowledge, training and support, she can access and seize every opportunity. With your help, we're determined to help girls that are at risk of exploitation to break the cycle of poverty, and build sustainable futures in the digital economy.

We work together with like-minded NGOs to provide holistic prevention, restoration and reintegration programs for vulnerable girls and young women.

Project Girl Code seeks out amazing organisations that are already successfully educating and caring for girls and young women, often from a background of sexual exploitation. As a Cisco Networking Academy, we are able to offer a unique product: an add-on curriculum program, instructors, web connectivity and pathways to employment. 



Many of our students come to us with limited-to-no knowledge of computers or the Internet. We create programs that introduce these digital platforms in a fun and engaging way.  We aim to show girls what’s possible in the digital economy, and how it can shape their future.



An Intel study found that giving women access to the Internet could contribute between $13-18billion to the annual GDP across 144 developing countries. We know economic empowerment is made possible by connectivity, so we work to provide access to computers and the web.



Girls and young women don’t just need a digital education, they need to gain workplace-ready skills. As a Cisco Networking Academy, we work together in-country, with training partners, to give students the chance to gain skills and industry-recognised certifications.


We partner primarily with anti-trafficking NGOs that rescue girls and young women from the sex trade.

Our current NGO partners are incredible organisations that provide education and restorative programs to rescued girls and young women. Project Girl Code provides them with much-needed digital literacy curriculums, technology, expertise and vocational training. 

100% of funds raised go directly to supporting our project on the ground in Cambodia.

We need your help! We're all volunteers and we are totally committed to changing the world for every vulnerable girl and young woman. Help us continue training teachers, teaching girls and changing lives.


Girls are one of the most powerful forces for change in the world: When their rights are recognised, their needs are met, and their voices are heard, they drive positive change in their families, their communities, and the world.
— Kathy Calvin, United Nations Foundation President & CEO