Project Girl Code

Teaching code, changing lives

Project Girl Code is a non-profit organisation teaching digital literacy skills and providing IT training to girls and young women who are vulnerable to trafficking, slavery or forced marriage.

We aim to prevent poverty and fight exploitation through education and technology.

 “The potential of every young girl has to be realised”

– Babatunde Osotimehin, Executive Director of UNFPA

The Problem

91 million girls are not in school

When girls do go to school, they have higher school dropout rates. Better educated women tend to be healthier, participate more in the formal labour market, earn more income, give birth to fewer children, marry at a later age, and provide better healthcare and education to their children.  For every year we can help a girl stay in school, her future earning power increases by 18 percent.

Girls are most vulnerable and at risk of exploitation

Girls and women are exploited the most through slavery, forced labour, trafficking and child marriage.Women and girls make up 98% of victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation They are also statistically more likely to suffer from poverty and less likely to  access education and workplace opportunities.

350 million fewer women have access to the Internet than men

In Sub-Saharan Africa, women are half as likely to be able to access internet than men. A survey of women in developing countries found that of women using the Internet, 75 percent use the Internet to further their education.


The Solution

We bridge the stark disadvantage gap and reduce exploitation by teaching girls and women digital literacy skills, providing them with IT education and training for a sustainable, long term career in the 21st century workplace.

Computer and coding skills have become crucial for many jobs. Although girls are statistically disadvantaged when it comes to accessing technology, we are now opening wide the door for skilled women to participate in STEM industries which, in turn, will help to address gender inequality, prevent poverty and fight exploitation.

Economic empowerment for women is also great news for the wider society. Women and girls invest 90% of their earned income back into families and communities, benefitting not only themselves but those around them.

 “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela

Our mission is to empower and equip vulnerable girls and young women in technology through digital literacy skills. 


What We Do

Working with NGOs

We work in partnership with like-minded NGOs and charities who provide a holistic prevention and reintegration programme for girls and young women. We provide the curriculum, instructors, a venue where necessary, computer equipment, web connectivity and vocational training.

Girl Coding Clubs

We run coding classes alongside NGOs using online curriculum to introduce girls to computational thinking and help transform the way they solve problems, make decisions and work in teams. We aim to show girls what’s possible with technology and how it can shape their future.

Access to Technology

An Intel study found that giving women access to the Internet could “contribute between $13-18bn to annual GDP across 144 developing countries.” We know economic empowerment is made possible by connectivity, so we work to provide access to computer and mobile phone technology.

Vocational Training

Girls and young women don’t just need digital skills, they need access to workplace opportunities. In partnership with NGOs and training partners, we provide an academy setting to give our students the opportunity to gain certifications which equip them to be either employed or self-employed.